Life Has Left Us Cold

by Before I Had Wings

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released July 4, 2017

Recorded by Jordan Tammaro in Enfield CT

Cover Art designed by Brendan Coughlin



all rights reserved


Before I Had Wings Massachusetts


Vocals- Wojo
Guitar- Dav
Guitar- Kane
Drums- Nate
Bass- Dane

Based out of MA/NY

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Track Name: Bad Terms
bad blood
is our only bond
how i despise
your worthless life
i wont quit
til your mouth runs dry
from all those threats
you've proclaimed
karma will come full circle
you'll get what you deserve
how many lessons
must you fucking learn
we will never see eye to eye
we will never share common ground
we will always be on bad terms
forever my enemy
Track Name: Pariah
exiled by the exalted
cast out by the self righteous
i'd rather be discarded
than follow the herd
i reject the chains
they try to place on me
won't be subjected
to the ideals of the elite
how could others be
so easily convinced
is it so hard to
stand against the rest
burn me at the stake
for i've denied their wicked ways
hang me from a noose
for i've cursed their selfish needs
acceptance i'll never seek
the opinions of sheep
only fool the weak
Track Name: Land Of Snakes
who's left to trust
in the land of snakes
i'll drift alone
in a sea of fakes
when everyone is out for themselves
who really has your back
when personal agenda
transcends loyalty
i can sense the knives
coming from behind
been stabbed in the back
one too many times
the damage has been done
the scars have been made
i can only rely on myself
i'll abstain from liars and thieves
who's left to trust
in the land of snakes
i'll drift alone
in a sea of fakes
i'll drift alone
Track Name: American Tyranny
politicians fill our ears
with promises of a better tomorrow
luring us in with their lies
just so they can keep us in line
when money and power
rule with an iron fist
there's no such thing
as for the good of the people
there's too much greed
for me to believe
they'll do as they say
cause they can do as they please
if we don't bend to their will
they'll pass a bill to restrict our freedom
caged if we decide to speak our minds
executed if we try to stand and fight
speak your minds
stand and fight
this american tyranny
has us by the throat
Track Name: Visions Of Brutality
i'm at my wits fucking end
my patience wearing thin
on the brink of destruction
i'm seeing fucking red
these adversaries of mine
pushed til i pushed back
these adversaries of mine
shoved til i fucking snapped
i'm at my wits fucking end
my patience wearing thin
on the brink of destruction
i'm seeing fucking red
visions of brutality
dance within my head
turning me into a
monolith of sheer hatred
Track Name: Life Has Left Us Cold
every step is a struggle
every breath is a waste
why is life worth living
when it spits in your face
no compassion
no remorse
taking everything you love by force
life has left us cold
it'll do the same to you
your hatred will grow
your morale will crumble
born to endure absolute pain
born to endure endless heartache
suffering is all you'll know
life will leave you cold
life has left us cold
Track Name: Culling Sun
mankind is a fucking blight
a pestilence with no end in sight
this world could do without
the stain we have fucking made
mankind is a fucking sore
rotten to our spoiled core
we are the source of all ills
we are the cause of all pain
we are destructive
we are infectious
we are a cancer
that won't stop spreading
sever the head of the hydra
before its too fucking late
filthy vermin of this world
heathens of the swarm
culling sun
bathe us in flames
Track Name: BIHW
before i had wings