by Before I Had Wings

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released May 23, 2016

Recorded by Jordan Tammaro in Enfield CT



all rights reserved


Before I Had Wings Massachusetts


Vocals- Wojo
Guitar- Dav
Guitar- Kane
Drums- Nate
Bass- Dane

Based out of MA/NY

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Track Name: Dethroned
if its respect you demand
its respect you have to earn
i dont owe you a fucking thing
you hold no power over me
i refuse to jump through hoops
i refuse to bow to you
who died and made you king
your crown means nothing to me
wont shake the hand of a fake
i see through your crooked motives
if its respect you demand
its respect you have to earn
i know who i can count on
i know who is real to me
my friends have paid their dues
who the fuck are you
respect is earned
Track Name: Bitter Man
what makes a bitter man
do the things he does
what makes a bitter man
feel the way he does
neglect has broke him down
broke any will he had left
now paranoia sets in
never to love a soul again
it'll consume him whole
til there's nothing left to feast
conscience dies
consequence begins
in his mind
we are a pull of the trigger
away from our demise
Track Name: Unworthy
life has passed me by
and im just fine
the path i walk
i choose to walk alone
the path i pave
is not paved in gold
you wouldn't understand
nor could you comprehend
i can stand on my own two feet
dont need your helping hand
dont pity me
i wouldn't pity you
im lost but i dont want to be found
im that missing piece of the puzzle
you'll never find
Track Name: Rage
im a ticking time bomb
set to explode
my emotions running wild
your deception has destroyed
all my faith in you
now all i feel
all i feel is rage
fueled by anger
fueled by hatred
fueled by vengeance
fueled by betrayal
all i feel is rage
Track Name: Twenty One
you've succumbed to this hell
brought it all on yourself
didn't want anyone's help
spat on the hand that feeds
what do you have to prove
that you have nothing to lose
well you've lost it all
from family to dead to us
your future went
from bright to bleak
right before your
your fucking eyes
the mistakes
you have made
will haunt you til
the day you die
you've embraced the downfall
you've embraced the addictions
your fucked up fantasy world
will turn to rust
is this the life you've dreamt of
is this the life you've wished for
hitting rock bottom
by the age of twenty one
Track Name: No Redemption
here you are
head buried in your hands
begging for forgiveness
for all your fucking sins
some cant be saved
some wont be saved
you're among one of them
banished til the end of days
cowards never see the light
salvation never came
here you are
head buried in the sand
begging for redemption
for all your fucking sins
pray to your angels above
pray to your demons below
pray the reaper claims your soul
Track Name: Dash Hopes
im running from the truth
hiding behind a veil of lies
i've bitten off more than i can chew
just a matter of time before im exposed
another forced smile
another day living this facade
im not as calm as i claim
tearing apart at the seams
keep telling myself
it'll be okay
grace eludes me
here lies misery
keep telling myself
it'll be okay
where is this so called hope
when its needed the most
out of my reach
keep telling myself
it'll be okay
but the blade on my wrist
beckons me
let these wounds
set me free