Burn the Impure

by Before I Had Wings

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released August 26, 2012

Recorded by Mike McMillen at Darkside Audio in Taunton MA.



all rights reserved


Before I Had Wings Massachusetts


Vocals- Wojo
Guitar- Dav
Guitar- Kane
Drums- Nate
Bass- Dane

Based out of MA/NY

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Track Name: Grave Mistake
he who casts the first stone
gets buried alive
forgive and forget
not in this lifetime
you made the grave mistake
of crossing everyone
your disrespect will be returned tenfold
you started a war
you can't fucking finish
it's too late for regrets
you're already dead
muthafucker you're death will be slow
Track Name: Fair Weather Friend
when the going gets tough
you turn your back and run
conceived without a spine
been a coward since day one
I question your values
I question your loyalty
where do you stand
won't be beside me
in your times of need
I was always there
I looked to you for the same
but you disappeared
through thick and thin
was the promise made
a promise you made in vain
where do you stand
won't be beside me
fair-weather friend
never there when needed
fair-weather friend
only there when convenient
Track Name: Six Feet Deep
your image plagues my vision
to the point of discomfort
what I wouldn't do
to rid you from existence
it'll be a cold day in hell
before I bury the past
I swore to hate you for the rest of my life
I swore to make you beg for your life
my hate will dictate your fate
suffocate the life right out of you
I'll bury the past when I've buried you
six feet deep
Track Name: Untouchable
I bet you felt invincible
I bet you felt untouchable
you felt more like a man
with your hands around her neck
I hope for your sake
you are smarter than that
cause if you touch her again
that'll be all you wrote
your greed will bear
a very heavy price
you will fucking pay
pay for her sacrifice
the filthy things you've done
can never wash away
you've taken her innocence
so we're taking your fucking life
Track Name: Fight To The Death
we're a force to be reckoned with
you underestimate our strength
these bonds won't be broken
no blood of mine
will have to fight alone
we will conquer all
still be standing strong
I'll defend my friends
till the fucking end
they can count on me
no questions asked
I will fight to the death to protect their honor
Track Name: Burn The Impure
in a world full of sin
nothing is held sacred
blinded by corruption
we've led ourselves to slaughter
no saving grace
our makers met
immerse yourself in faith
you're going to need it
watch the floods drown the impure
watch the flames burn the impure
even an atheist prays
when there's a barrel down their throat
if you don't believe in a god
you soon fucking will
you soon will
Track Name: Walk Away
these severed ties
come with a heavy heart
for every lie you've told
a grudge I'll still hold
your chances have expired
you've worn out your welcome
seven years down the drain
it's my turn to walk away
loyalty is a concept
you know nothing about
I've wasted my time
I've wasted my life
you're a burden of the past
a memory best forgotten
I've wasted my time
I've wasted my life on you
seven years down the drain
it's my turn to walk away